Hastings Half Marathon 2020. Policy on Refunds/Deferments etc.

Our Policy as stated on Website. Along with most other Events of this nature, is that there are No Refunds.

It must be understood that costs have already been incurred on anyone entered. We would recommend in suitable circumstances to use our Swap System, as stated on Web Site.,or e.mail to arrange your Race number to be transferred.

We would like to point out that All Monies raised by The Event, go back into the Community. The Lions Club have no hidden agenda, and do not deduct any expenses of their own.

In Special circumstances for entries received before Race Packs begin to be sent out, it may be possible to obtain permission for a deferment to the following year. But you would have to apply for this to be granted, and then as normal, pay an administration charge of £5 per entry to cover costs next year when applying.

There can be no deferments after Race Packs have been sent out.

Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race Director,
Hastings Half Marathon
Organised by the Lions Club of Hastings.

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Hastings Lions Club

Hastings Lions Club - Registered Charity NO. 293745 - all monies raised go to help those less fortunate - over £5 Million raised so far... Assisted by Hastings Athletic Club and Hastings Runners