Race Info / Results 2019

Mini Run Sponsored by Buckswood School

Winners by age group
Boys 7-8: Frank Ferguson
Boys 9-10: Samuel Little
Boys 11-12: Theo Oak
Boys 13-14: Jonas Judah
Boys 15-16: Jonah Davies – HAC (also Reg Wild Award) Overall Winner
Girls 7-8: Isabella Buchanan
Girls 9-10: Megan Hopkins-Parry
Girls 11-12: Rae Le Fay
Girls 13-14: Shannon Hopkins Parry - HAC (also Reg Wild Award) Overall Winner
Girls 15-16: Amalie Primdal

School team awards

1: St.Leonards Academy - Jonah Davies, Lewis Courtnage, Reece Lincoln
2: Buckswood School – Suguru Matsumoto, Kyongju Park, Kyrylo Feschenko
3: William Parker Academy - Shain Barker, Benjamin Hobson, Logan Woodhurst


1: St.Leonards Academy – Elisha Paige, Bella Brown, Madeleine Jenkinson
2: All Saints School – Flo Colwell, Daisy Chapman, Lexi Andrew
3: ARK Castledown – Beatrice Gant, Kerola Kozlova, Iris Sharp

Main Race Hastings Half Marathon Main Sponsor Hastings Direct

17-year-old winners

Toby Salmon


Megan Hollingsworth

Local winners Sponsored by Premier Travel Chauffeurs

1: Gary Foster Plus first HAC Winner
2: Rhys Boorman
3: Jeff Pyrah

1: Rachael Mulvey Plus First HAC Winner
2: Jenna French
3: Sophie McGoldrick

Hastings Runners Awards

Ashley Jury
Women Debbie Humbles

National Masters Sponsored by Wisdens Trophy and Prize Each

40-44: Daniel Anderson
45-49: Jeff Pyrah
50-54: Gary Judges Not here
55-59: Stuart Adesilu
60-64: Robin Smith
65-69: David Thornley
70-74: Bob Hughes Not here
75-79: Hermann Groenevelt Dordrecht - No here
80-84 Michael Dee Not here

40-44: Freya Mary Leman
45-49: Linda Scholfield
50-54: Luoanne Albrecht
55-59: Christine Costiff - No Here
60-64: Joan Lennon
65-69: Francis Delves
70-74: Sarah Marzaioli

Local masters Sponsored by Hastings adventure Golf

40-44: Leo Cacciatore
45-49: Bob Russell
50-54: Darren Barzee Not Here
55-59: Mick Bacon
60-64: Andy Lee
65-69: Robert Mouzer
70-74: Robert Dennis
75-79: Peter Greenhalgh

40-44: Nina Lambrou
45-49: Amanda Link
50-54: Debbie Humbles
55-59: Frances Burnham Not Here
60-64: Cathyy Bate
65-69: Sylvia Huggett
70-74: Erica Wilson

Special Presentation to Jake Coleman

Jake Collapsed after finishing this year's Half Marathon, and his heart stopped.He was quickly treated by the Medical Team,who shocked him with a Defribillator to re-start his heart.

He was quickly treated by the Medical Team,who shocked him with a Defribillator to re-start his heart.

He was subsequently taken to Eastbourne Hospital by Air Ambulance,where he was further treated.

Jake also had an operation at St.Thomas's Hospital London.

We are very pleased to see him here now to collect a memento of his Experience, and to acknowledge the help of the Medical Team that looked after him.

Also ask for Tim Hodgson who treated him to come forward.

UKA team award Sponsored by Littlewood Fencing

1: HAC - Gary Foster, Rhys Boorman, Jeff Pyrah, Daniel Anderson
2: Hastings Runners - Ashley Jury, Colin White, Leo Cacciatore, Darren Barzee
3: Dartford Harriers - Janusz Latala, Daniel Pyne. Nick Varley, Reuben Burford

1: HAC – Rachael Mulvey, Jenna French, Sophie McGoldrick, Rebecca Mabon
2. Brighton & Hove AC(Paula Blackledge, Ali Guyihen, Freya Leman, Gilliam Bickle)
3: Hailsham Harriers – Sarah Underwood, Annette Feakes, Lisa Goldsmith, Tina Macenhill

Masters teams Sponsored by Bartletts Seat

1: Hastings Runners – Ashley Jury, Leo Cacciatore, Darren Barzee, Bob Russell
2: HAC – Jeff Pyrah, Daniel Anderson, John Ralph, Michael Beaumont
3: Lewes AC – Chris Gilbert, Robert Cooper, Leo Spall, Robert Gerardo

1: Hailsham Harriers – Annette Feakes, Lisa Goldsmith, Tina Macenhill, Tracy Erridge
2: Hastings Runners – Debbie Humbles, Nina Lambrou, Jane Coles, Clare Lippiatt
3: Brighton Phoenix (Amelia Culshaw, Charlotte Softly, Gill Checkley,Tabitha Atkinson)

Special Award to Colin Twamley Colin ran the first Hastings Half 35 years ago,and has subsequently taken part every year since. He has decided that now is the time to retire ,having been one of 13 who have ran every Event since the start.

Also Award to Jerry Adley, who completed 34 years of Hastings Half,but was unable to take part this year due to recovering from a Big Operation. He was the only one of 'The Few' who could not keep going this year.

Eastbourne winners Sponsored by TEMPO

Gary Judges NOT HERE


Laura Temple (4th Female overall on Day)

1066 Bakery prize for 1066 finish position
Andrew Battley.

Ron Sellman Sport Award Sponsored by Freedom Leisure
1: Icklesham Casuuals FC – Michael Beaumont, Val Newman, Matt East, Martin Tytherleigh~
2: Raw Runners – Kelly Burgess, Rick Burgess, Kyrsty Winch, Michelle Lower
3: ASPT – Natasha Dobson, Craig Sealby, Louise Moor, Charles Shaw

Nonaffiliated teams Sponsored by Hastings Direct
1: Team Sparkle - Dan Isted, Neil Sellman, Tom Brampton, Sara Wadbrook
2: Oliver Curd Trust - Paul Willis, Ben Turner, Gary Bourn, Mark Pollard
3: Hundred Hulks – Doug Jordan, Anthony Mannion, Jesse Buckle, Martha Clark

Family Awards Sponsored by Spire Sussex Hospital
1: Thomas Max, Mark ad Jo
2: Boardman James, Tony and Claire
3: Cook Hannah, Chris and Brian Not Here.

1st Local Family Jury Family (Ashley, Tim, Tom)

Husband and wife runners Sponsored by Beauport Holiday Park
1: Sharon & Tom Evans
2: Helena & Leigh Millard Not Here
3: Rachael & Colin White

Spire Shield of Courage (in memory of Brenda Boyle)

Charley Miles.

Special award to recognise the inspirational achievement of Charley Miles.~

Charley was born with 18q Syndrome a rare chromosome disorder. This means she has a number of health issues including being almost completely deaf. Her hearing condition is alleviated somewhat by a bone anchored hearing aid which allows her brain to interpret sounds via the vibrations transmitted into her skull. Given her condition, she has ongoing challenges and has struggled to find employment but strives to be like any other 24 year old.

She remains though very cheerful, almost always with a smile on her face and a very determined young lady - a regular member of the 1066 Specials football team, intrepid explorer and walker.

Having thought about completing the Hastings Half Marathon over the years, she was inspired by her uncle who came from Sydney, Australia to run this year and decided only a few days before that she was up for the challenge too.

She knew that she was never going to be fast, but her goal was to complete the course. Wearing the new kit she had bought the day before she walked and ran the course, determined that she would finish despite the crowds of spectators and marshal's having largely gone long before she reached the later parts of the course. Charley never gave up crossing the line to a waiting small group of family, marshalls and kind supporters in 4 hours and 42 minutes.

The time didn’t matter to Charley it was all about putting herself to the challenge of completing the course. What an inspiration to us all.

I would now like to present Charley with the Spire Hospital Brenda Boyle Shield of Courage Award in recognition of her fantastic achievement.

Business teams Sponsored by Kings Stationers
1: Royal Mail – Darren Barzee, Terry Regan, Simon Apps, David Townsend
2: White Rock Hotel – Janek Janek, Donna Seymour, Barbara Romanowski, Kerri Reader
3: Hastings Ambulance – Lucas Vega, Steve Barker, Joe Harris, Gareth Hulin

Charity teams of six
1: St.Michael's Hospice Matthew Badham, Ben Chatfield, Charles Suckling, David Clarke, Bill Solly, Richard Davis
2: Team Sparkle – Dan Isted, Neil Sellman, Tom Brampton, Sara Wadbrook, Mark Wadbrook, Sara-Jane Fox-Tuck~
3: Oliver Curd Trust – Paul Willis, Ben Turner, Gary Bourn,Mark Pollard, Jodie Crouch, Luke Atkinson

Special Award

to Kevin & Janice Harmer – 35 years of supplying Drinks at the Half Marathon, and now retiring from this fantastic record,with acknowledgement to Hastings Area Girl Guides.

Bo Peep Award Hastings Ambulance Runners

Fancy dress winners Sponsored by Hastings Observer

Chosen by the Hastings Observer
1: Darren Owen Big Bird
2: Michael Benton Organ Donate Phone
3: Sam Harman 'Minion'

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